Human Characters

John Oaks - Student, Cartoonist. He rents a house in Lakewood County near his two friends, Carlos and Mike.
Carlos Morelos - Carlos lives down the hall from John's apartment. He is also an avid Gamer.
Mike Sherwood - Carlos' roommate. Considered "Slightly Off" by his peers.
Ana Brooks - John's girlfriend.

Animal and Imaginary Characters

The Stick Figures - Characters from the comic-within-a-comic titled "Sticks". Although they remain nameless to this day, one is now commonly referred to as "Cowboy" and the other as "Stick #1" by the author.
Sharky - Originally created as a cameo character known as "The Incredible Flying Chubby Sharky", Sharky quickly grew in popularity among the readers of Lakewood and became a recurring character.
Hammerhead - One of Sharky's good friends. He has an affinity for ice cream and a good book.
Willy - An orca and good friend of Sharky's.
Droakir ("Dro the Dragon") - John's alter-ego.
Pic the Dragon - More dangerous than tofu.
Aliens Bob and Steve - Aiming to take over the world, one consumer at a time. They live in the apartment across from Mike and Carlos.
Joe the Alligator - Recurring character that originated in Rackley's very first cartoon strip, "Joe the Alligator."

Guest Appearances

Master Chief
Mike Sherwood as "Mario" from Super Mario Brothers