Author's Note

A special little celebration here. My first strip, D7, which starred the Lakewood characters, ran a grand total of 551 strips. And today's strip in Lakewood? 449! What does that make total? 1000 strips! Pretty exciting!

Cowboy wants to build a time machine! This is a two week series, while I work to fit a steady overreaching storyline into Lakewood.

If you haven't been reading Lakewood in a while, you could try reading from the beginning of the storyline.

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Panel 1
Cowboy: Wanna help fund my time machine project?
Stick 1: Why?

Panel 2
Cowboy: I could get you future sports scores.
Stick 1: I don't gamble.

Panel 3:
Cowboy: Curses!

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About The Author

Nathan Rackley is an artist, author and cartoonist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keywords: sticks, stick, figure, time, travel, machine, past, future