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Isn't it just like companies to keep releasing newer and newer models of a product instead of simply releasing software updates or hardware upgrades? Not to mention decent tech support! Consumer electronics. Buy it today before it goes out of style!

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Panel 1 Stick 1: Are you okay? Cowboy: I feel bad because I just bought this cell phone.

Panel 2 Stick 1: It's a new phone. Why would that make you feel bad?

Panel 3 Cowboy: Because fifteen minutes after I bought it, it was replaced by a newer model.

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About The Author

Nathan Rackley is an artist, author and cartoonist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keywords: stick, figure, sticks, cell, phone, iphone, touch, ipod, zune, service, sprint, atnt, at&t, verizon, cricket, google