Author's Note

Even the best of us have problems with the simplest of problems. As was the case with me this week, attempting to remember how to do some college algebra for some advanced mathematics. I usually just tell my computer to solve it for me. Sadly, however, this was not the case. Also, please note that we are celebrating 200 strips TODAY! Yes, that's right! Lakewood is celebrating it's 200th strip, and Lakewood + D7 celebrates #751!

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Panel 1
Cowboy: I hate constantly being reminded of how horrible I am at arithmetic.
Stick 1: Can we GO now?

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About The Author

Nathan Rackley is an artist, author and cartoonist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keywords: sticks, stick, figure, chalk, board, teacher, math, algebra, arithmetic, trig, geometry, calculus