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Panel 1
Caption: They say that something drives writers to create--

Panel 2
Caption: Some event, some idea that keeps them going.

Panel 3
Caption: For many, those events come from life.

Panel 4
Caption: But as for me, when I sit at the artist's

table and put pen to paper...

Panel 5
Caption: ...I don't draw my stories from life.

Panel 6
Caption: My life is too normal.
Droakir: NORMAL you say?
John: I wish...
Caption: Lakewood - Celebrating 100 Comic Strips!

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About The Author

Nathan Rackley is an artist, author and cartoonist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keywords: writing, heart, story, comic, art, style, life, experience, droakir, john, dragon, insanity